Saint Patrick’s Garden Hits “Ton for Hunger” Goal

Volunteers have grown, collected or inspired donations of 2,011 pounds of food to Malachi’s Storehouse in first six months of the year. Tom Oder, Dunwoody Patch, June 2012

Art project to benefit food pantry garden

Sale of decorated wine bottle planters, vases will help fund vegetable beds for Malachi’s Storehouse at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church. Tom Oder, Dunwoody Patch, March, 2012

3,352 Pounds of Produce to Charity

Community Garden’s 2011 Donations to Malachi’s Storehouse Easily Surpass “Ton for Hunger” Goal. Tom Oder, Dunwoody Patch, January 2012

Dunwoody Celebrates Food Day 2011

Malachi’s Receives Large, Unexpected Donation of Fruits, Vegetables; Community Garden on County Tour Today. Tom Oder, Dunwoody Patch, October, 2011

Malachi’s Storehouse Celebrates 20 Years of Giving

The St. Patrick’s storehouse helps families in need; outside a garden plot provides the food. Tom Oder, Dunwoody Patch, April, 2011